How to Build Your Own Mailing List with Free Online Tools

Jan Zavrel

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What's this about?

Getting new customers for your products and services is not an easy task. It doesn't matter who you are, if you have something to sell, you want customers.

Online entrepreneurs can use free online tools to set up their own marketing system for free. In this course, I will show you how to improve your marketing results using great free online tools.

I put together some of the best tools available I use myself for marketing my project. As a bonus, I will explain step by step the process of creating your own static website on your own domain using free hosting.

This course is based on my own subscription system. It's not something artificial, it's not some concept, it's a real-world example of a working system.

By taking this course you will get:

  • Three online tools you can use for FREE

  • Tips on how to use these tools

  • Introduction to the subscription system I use

  • Real-world examples of my usage of these tools

After watching this course you will be able to create:

  • Free offer

  • Landing page

  • Autoresponder

  • GitHub website

Combined together these elements create a clever marketing system allowing you to automatically get new subscribers, sending them welcome e-mails and giving them your free offer. I will show you how to convince new subscribers to give you their real e-mail addresses instead of some fake.

This course will take about 30 minutes. It's a short, yet effective way to get you up and running with your own marketing system in no time.

Take this course if you want to:

  • Learn how to use Canva to create a professional-looking handbook

  • Learn how to use MailerLite to create an attractive landing page for your marketing campaign

  • Learn how to set up an autoresponder for your subscribers

  • Learn how to use GitHub and GitHub Pages

  • Learn how to use Facebook as a great traffic tool and lead magnet

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How to Build Your Own Mailing List with Free Online Tools

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